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About Us


Stanley is a Manufacturer and exporter of cast iron home & garden products. Our main manufacturing facility is located in Guang Dong, Zhao Qing. Stanley was first established in 1985. Over the years Stanley has stretch its manufacturing capabilities to more detailed casting techniques, producing wrought iron gates, porcelain ware and wooden furniture.

Stanley are known for to create high quality, well crafted close to original cast iron products. All our items are based on European and American design in the early 1900’s. They include the Victorian period. The method of production is considerably known to be environmentally friendly, and in our factory we retain the same production method that was lost a hundred years ago.

Our uniqueness is we bring nostalgic qualities to our products for the older generation, plus the fact that all our stuff is 100% hand made. We match the concept of the Arts and Crafts movement that hand made procedure brings along aesthetic, elegance and vintage.