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Since 1985, Stanley is an artistic foundry of sand casting, wrought iron, forged brass, porcelain ware, wood works and bronze. We design and manufacture gifts, ornaments, collectibles, antique replicas and reproductions of Home decorations and Garden furniture. Most of our designs originate from the Victorian period of the Arts and Crafts movement. Our production facility using sand casting, lost wax cast, forging and wrought for material such as iron, aluminum, bronze and brass. We have over five engineers and over 160 thousand square feet of manufacture space. With over one hundred working staff and over five production lines accomplishing mass container orders.

We appreciate the significance of an energetic and trendsetting product line and make every effort to stay at the forefront of high design. In essence, we make your desires come true. The in-house design team is capable to transform your ideas into existence.

Stanley's Mission

We cater with counterparty businesses interests in truly unique, high quality and satisfactory ventures.

Also to develop into the industry leader in exterior garden decoration, gifts & collectibles, household hardware, interior home deco, mechanical banks, porcelain and wood ware accessories for the home.